Welcome to the Gilchrist REC donation page

The Republican Executive Committee of Gilchrist County has a lot of exciting things planned to prepare for the 2012 election, and we appreciate your help.

Our first objective is to educate voters in Gilchrist County about who Republicans are and what we stand for. We then need good qualified candidates we can rally behind and elect to the leadership of our county.

Our goal, finally, is to elect Republicans for office at the city, county, state, and national level. We believe the more Republicans we have in office, the greater the opportunity we will have to further our ideals.

We are working hard to make the Republican Party the majority party in Gilchrist County. It will take the support of every Republican in the county to achieve this goal. We pledge to spend our funds wisely to help reach our goals and promote our beliefs.

Please send your donations to:

Republican Executive Committee of Gilchrist County
P.O. Box 475
Bell, Florida 32619

Please specify whether you'd like your donation to be applied on a local or state level.

Please include your name, address and occupation, as required by law.

Thank you!